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Ghost Pirates Of Vooju Island Free Download [hacked] aleedom




First of all, when i started the game, i have no choice in what to do, i can't walk to a town, get out of the boat and find a job. I just follow the path to the left, i saw that i had a sword and a bucket, some pottery, then i saw a boat. That's it, my path and that's it. I tried a game and it looked nice but it wasn't my type, so i decided to play Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island for the first time. I'm almost done. I have no money, no boat and i'm trapped in this island. For some reason i really like this game. My first day in the island i went right to the fishing place and tried to catch a fish, and it worked, but i failed a health point. I restarted the game, i get to my fishing place and i tried again, i caught a fish, but not 100%, i need to get a health point and i failed again. The game didn't tell me why i didn't succeed, but i restarted and i did get the points. It didn't tell me why. After the fishing place i walked to the east a bit and i found a bush, where there is a skeleton. That's all, i don't have a clue why it's a skeleton. I know the game is old, but i didn't find a reason for a skeleton. I have no sword or anything to kill it. Another day in the island, i tried to find a place to get a new pottery, a boat and i could finally leave the island. I didn't found where i could sell all my goods in the town. The first day i had to find a pottery, i found a small one and i made a sword and sold it. I decided i would get a boat later and i sold it. I didn't find a place where i could sell all my stuff. I decided to get a sword later and i can kill some things, like the skeleton i have found before. I finally found a place where i could sell all my stuff and bought a boat. I went to the right and i found a big cave, there is only one boat in it. I did go in and inside i could find some place where i could sell all my stuff. I just sold a lot of stuff in the cave. I didn't found anything, but i'm sure i did, i



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Ghost Pirates Of Vooju Island Free Download [hacked] aleedom

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