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Board Members for 2021-2022 
Board Of Directors
Rick Mohr - President
Stuart Clarkson - Vice President
Meg Sammons - Treasurer
Brad Tank - Secretary
Earl Gooch - Director at Large

Current Board Meeting Minutes

Letter to the SMWOA Membership
from the Board of Directors

Board Letter To Membership September 2021

Welcoming Letter to New Members of the SMWOA

Letter to Members of the SMWOA

BoD Meeting 11.1.22

This letter has been prepared by the Board of Directors for distribution to new members of the SMWOA to assist them in where to find information about the association.  The letter has been offered to local title companies and realtors for distribution to individuals interested in purchasing property within the Association.

The letter can be updated as needed by the Association to keep potential buyers current on important information.  Please reach out to new neighbors in the Association to help make them feel welcome to our neighborhood.





The Board of Directors wants to remind SMWOA members that we all need to be respectful of our neighbors and use common sense when doing something that could be considered obnoxious to someone else, especially your neighbors. 


  • LIGHTS  Outdoor lights should always be pointed downward.  Turned off at night.  Don't flood  your neighbors with your lights.  

  • SPEED ON ROADWAYS  The speed limit on Association roads is 20 MPH.  Excessive speed damages the road surface and contributes to the creation of those dreaded washboards. SLOW DOWN.

  • SNOW REMOVAL  The Association does not regularly plow roads in the winter.  Work with your neighbors to keep your roadways passable.  If it is your neighbor plowing, give them some funds for gas and upkeep of their equipment.  It is not cheap to own and operate snow removal equipment.

  • FIREARMS  Shooting is allowed on your own property.  Be aware of where you are shooting.  Is there a house over the hill; animals in the field?  Shoot responsibly please.  If your neighbor's recreation activity is affecting you, speak with them to work out a solution.

  • HUNTING  Hunting is allowed in the subdivision on your own property.    You are not allowed to travel around and hunt on other properties without specific permission.  Again, know where you are aiming before you pull the trigger.


We all want to live in SMWOA in harmony.  Talk to your neighbors and work out solutions to issues or concerns you have.


2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes for other Board meetings can be found in the "Minutes" tab above




SMWOA Snow Removal Policy

The BoD wants to remind all members, as winter approaches, that the association does not provide for snow removal except on an emergency basis.  The BoD has the responsibility to determine if emergency snow removal is needed at the request of an association member.  Also, there are members of the association that are willing to assist other members in snow removal, if a member requests assistance.  Emergency snow removal is considered to constitute a scenario where a member is in a life-threatening situation during a severe storm event.


Please remember that we would prefer snow blowing rather than snow plowing to prevent increased snow drifting and damage to the roads.


The following association members may be willing to help with emergency snow removal:

Stuart Clarkson                 864-710-8064 C / 682-3834 H

Rick Mohr                           575-313-5106 C / 682-3858 H

Brad Tank                            406-577-6824 C

Earl Gooch                          617-957-4093 C

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