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SMWOA 2017 Draft Road Plan

The Draft 2017 Road Plan proposes that we grade the Assoc. roads as we did last year with several improvements. The improvements include that we more clearly define the shoulders and barrow ditches and use that material to raise the road level and crown. Depending on weather conditions we may also mow the shoulders prior to grading, to lessen the amount of organic material on the road surface.

The proposed plan also includes a long term approach in that we add sufficient road mix to raise the level of Golden Eagle South between the intersections of Bald Eagle and Redtail Hawk. This should provide a successful model for the future, the intent being that we can incrementally improve all the roads and lessen yearly maintenance.

Included in both approaches is that we assure sufficient moisture and roll/compress the surfaces. We will schedule the work as early as the weather indicates prudent.

We are in the process of identifying the available funds for this years project and may be able to include additional roads or sections of roads. The low spots on Meadowlark would be the next priorities. There are several locations that would benefit from the installations of culverts if funding allows, the intersection of Golden Eagle North and Partridge and a low area of Bald Eagle.

As always we welcome your input.

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