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SMWOA 2017 Spring Communication from President

SMWOA Spring Comm. To the membership, First and foremost I want to put minds to rest regarding the Covenant 6 subject. This was brought up only because there were two complaints which, sadly, were by individuals who insisted on remaining anonymous. In retrospect I would not again consider anonymous complaints, but I told the two individuals we would address the subject. To all of the significant portion of the membership that has given us feedback, thank you very much for your well considered and polite communication. The feedback has been 100% opposed to considering any action on this subject. We can all read into the Covenant what we want. What I will assure you is that this Board of Directors never would and never will take a unilateral action, specifically a legal action, without being directed to do so by the membership. I will recommend that we not put this subject on the Annual Meeting agenda. No sense in creating controversy when the membership has indicated their will. Roads. Our road system should be our highest priority. Not only for our personal transit, but also to assure that our property values maintain pace with other areas in the Madison Valley. We are planning on starting our annual road work next week. Conditions are good and we have a plan in place to provide a significant improvement to one half mile of Golden Eagle South that we believe will provide a template for future road work. We made what I will call two “test areas” last year that have given us a measurement of how we might proceed. The two “test patches”, one on Bald Eagle just east of the Golden Eagle intersection and another on Meadowlark are both high traffic and high abuse locations. They have held up very well through our winter and spring. As always, funding is the constraint. In the Presidents letter and Annual Meeting announcement/agenda we will propose some options that we can discuss at the Annual Meeting. The road system will receive grading with particular attention paid to improving the height and crown of the roads and include improvement to the shoulders and barrows.

Weeds are still a major concern. Please, if you have any questions contact us through the website, or contact me directly. This is another subject that has a direct impact on property values and our quality of life.

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Ennis Fire House 1000 15 July 2017. We are looking for a place to have the annual picnic, somewhere with the ability to get indoors should the weather turn wet, not an uncommon event near the Continental Divide in July. We welcome your suggestions.

Thank you for your participation. Al Verbanac 406-682-4008

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