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SMWOA Presidents Letter and Annual Meeting Announcement 2017

This years Annual Meeting will be held at the Ennis Firehouse on Saturday, July 15th at 10:00am. In lieu of the Annual Picnic we will have a snack breakfast at the Firehouse starting at 9:00am.

Roads- The road work went very well this year, moisture was perfect and there were no heavy rains to complicate things. Golden Eagle South between the intersections with Bald Eagle and Red Tail Hawk received a six inch lift of good road mix and compaction. This area receives a lot of traffic year round and our intention was to provide a demonstration of what we can do to improve our road system. Raising the road surface will also lessen the effects of drifting snow. We also graded, watered and compacted most of the rest of our road system which also turned out well.

The work we accomplished was expensive and we should discuss just where we want to go with the road system. We have posted on the website and have also attached several data sheets explaining the costs. We have also developed several options for future planning which are posted and attached. The development of a longer term road plan will be driven by costs and costs will only go up the longer we wait.

I encourage you to inspect the work on Golden Eagle to assist you in determining whether or not this is the correct approach and understand our Return On Investment (ROI).

The road system is and should be our highest priority. Our goal should be to improve our entire road system to a point where it improves transit year round as much as possible and requires less repetitive maintenance. Property values will also benefit. Excessive speed and excessive braking continues to be a problem both from a safety perspective and the damage it does to our roads. Please slow down!

Weeds- I have noticed that more members are taking an active approach to controlling weeds on their properties. Thank you to all who are doing the right thing. Conditions and the growth stage of noxious non-native weeds are perfect and now is the best time to address this problem

Litigation- Under no circumstances would your current Board of Directors unilaterally initiate any lawsuit or similar legal action without specific direction from the membership. We received significant feedback regarding RV storage which was 100% opposed to taking action and specifically any legal action.

Al Verbanac


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